Holistically Handcrafted Aromatherapy Blends

What would YOU like more of in your life? A little more Presence with your clients? Better Focus for your projects? Increased Compassion for yourself and others?

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Roll-On Application

The roll-on application are applied to meridian points, reflexology points and/or EMF Balancing mastery points.

Roll-On Blends:


Where do you spend your energy resources? Can you let go of the judgment, the anger, the guilt, the depression? Would you rather utilize your creative energies in love? Rose, Chamomile and Palma Rosa combine to bring in deeper levels of love, compassion and self acceptance. Tap into your wholeness in mind, body and spirit. Accept yourself for all that you are and you will find an increased ability to accept others for who they are. $22.95



Feeling a bit dull? Cut off from your creative juices?Expressing your Creativity is expressing your unique understanding of yourself and the world and adding your unique gifts to the rich variety that is available. This blend may help you open to greater flexibility, new ideas and concepts, develop your personal expression and gain an enhanced appreciation of other peoples creative solutions. This warm and spicy blend of Coriander, Geranium and Nutmeg is for those who choose to engage their creative impulse. $18.95, 10 ml roll-on application


Are you hard on yourself? Are you also hard on others? It is in first having compassion for yourself that you can then offer it to others. Compassion leads you into self understanding and personal power with a desire towards wholeness. With others it is the action of assisting and supporting them to reach their wholeness. This warm spicy blend of Coriander, Lavender and Ylang Ylang may help you to develop a higher tolerance for the learning process as well as a greater understanding between all people. $18.95, 10 ml roll-on application



Are you letting opportunities pass you by? Do you doubt yourself? Are you in perpetual preparation?  This invigorating blend spurs you forth to step out in confidence with your unique and meaningful contributions. You are the only one that can bring your unique gifts forth – your contribution is desperately needed in the world. We are waiting for you. This cool, clean, spicy blend of Tea Tree, Cinnamon and Pine promotes wholesome energy, motivation and the will power to take action. $16.95, 10 ml roll-on application



Are you struggling with indecision? If you take that next step, what will happen?  How does the uncertainty feel to you? Courage helps you clear the blocks along your pathway and provides a knowingness that as you step into uncertainly help is at hand. You are never alone.  Cinnamon, Mint, Bergamot and Tangerine remind you that there are no failures, only experiences which lead you to your next step offering new opportunities for growth. You may also notice a new sense of freedom, vitality and excitement towards those opportunities and an increased peace and trust in the goodness of life. $14.95, 10 ml roll-on application 



Are you flexible with your body, your mind, your thoughts and thinking processes? Is there fluidity, grace and ease present? Do you live in a black and white world or one of color where the subtleties and nuances of life allow for a more flexible structure? Juniper, Cypress and Fennel support your capability to bend without breaking, to see possibilities and to open to new ideas and perspectives so you can flow within the range of life’s circumstances. $17.95



Are you feeling scattered? Is it difficult to keep your attention on your project? Are you in mental overload? Allow this light, spring green blend to release the mental congestion and assist you in refreshing your mind and regaining your focus. Rosemary, Basil and Mint awakens you to accomplish the impossible, promoting focused attention and enhanced observational skills, allowing for greater clarity and efficiency. $15.95, 10 ml roll-on application


Fresh Perspective

Sometimes you need a fresh perspective. Whether for a specific project or in looking at your life you may typically organize your thoughts (and life) around what you know, what you feel confident doing and what you are most like to succeed in. But sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone to see new opportunities and possibilities. This blend of Tea Tree, Lemon and lavender is the embodiment of fresh objective energy to help you gain another perspective. $16.95



Is it challenging to express your appreciation and gratitude? Do you engage in mental arguments from situations long past? Do you find yourself feeling resentful towards someone or some situation? Jasmine and Ylang Ylang are well known for reducing nervous anxiety and promoting well being, happiness, wholeness and yes, Gratitude. When you are able to release the heavy ties that induce stress and anxiety, you are then free to step back and see the bigger picture, allowing your heart and mind to open to the many blessings in your life. $21.95, 10 ml roll-on application 


Harmonious Hum

How do you make decisions? Logically? Emotionally? Is there a battle to see who will win – your desire or your should? By acknowledging the wisdom of both the head and heart you bring in healthier decision making, an increased ability to nurture and care for oneself and the ability to see your inner beauty more clearly. Be open to all aspects of your intelligence. A refreshing blend of Bergamot, Rose Geranium, Cinnamon Bark, Basil, Lavender and Tangerine. $13.95, 10 ml roll-on application 



Are you limiting yourself to only one solution? Do you feel blocked? As you are able to self reflect, you are able to better understand the depths of the situation. Insight helps you release any tension and frustration that may be in the way, enabling you to find that balance between stimulation and relaxation so you can be alert yet calm enough to allow insights to surface. This fresh green blend of Fir, Spruce, Clary Sage and Mint can help you do just that. $15.95, 10 ml roll-on application



Feel like you are just existing and not really living?Inspiration is a breath of fresh air, bringing in an awareness of your hopes and dreams with the understanding that all experience is valuable as it leads to your next step, and change leads to new opportunities.   Get those inspirational juices flowing with this fresh perspective on life - let go of those stagnated feelings that keep you bound to a limiting environment.  Listen to your heart's inspiration so that you may bring the Divine Expression of love to all that you feel, think and express. What are you dreams?  This fresh forest of Fir, Eucalyptus and Bergamot uplifts and frees your limiting perspective, brings a deeper understanding and clearer vision. $14.95 10 ml roll-on application


Inspired Action

Do you now seek passionate involvement rather than self protection? There is a time and place to follow, listen and learn. And there becomes a time to sink into your depths and sense for yourself what might be possible and what you want to commit to. What is calling to you? What is your North Star? This warm, spicy blend of Coriander, Clove, Cinnamon Bark and Lavender will help you express and take action on your own creative ideas and solutions. $18.95, 10 ml roll-on application



Are you neglecting parts of yourself? Are you feeling anxious, sad or lifeless?Sometimes it's easy to spiral downward where all things begin to shift into some shade of gray. Ho Hum. But wait - there's another choice - Joyfulness. It brings a lightness to all things and eases the daily challenges.  Great for those winter blues, whether it is actually winter or not. At any time you can tap into and bring forth the joyfulness in your life.  This light citrus blend with a hint of Jasmine and Lavender supports the opening of the heart and mind to new levels of joy and love. $16.95, 10 ml roll-on application


Are you running your life on autopilot without really paying attention to what the different parts of yourself are doing? Many people have a disconnection within themselves between their body and their mind, between their emotional realm and their deeper knowingness, between self absorption and their higher ideals. Neroli, Myrrh and Juniper help to reestablish the links within. Open to your whole self and the more that you know you are. Open to the freedom of expression, to new experiences and perceptual shifts. Is it time to move towards the possibility of living a more fully expressed life? Open to yourself and to the more that you know you are. $21.95



Feeling impatient with yourself and others? Are you thinking in a way that isn’t working for you any longer? When you can step back and let go of the need to have it your way or on your timeline, you open the door for the wisdom in all forms of intelligence (intellect, heart, mind, spiritual..) to come forth; both yours and others. This allows you to experience a newfound freedom of expression and collaboration. Patience offers the fresh green clearing of the mind and the release of your constricted, impatient mindset. Pause. Have Patience. $14.95, 10 ml roll-on application



Are you caught up in thoughts of the past or future, missing out on your NOW experience? Does your mind wander off? Being present to what is going on right now, in this moment, takes practice and is a necessary skill for fully enjoying your  life. If your thoughts are forever somewhere else, you miss right now and your life will have only been partially lived. This blend offers you the sweet woods of Cedar, Rosewood and Benzoin to support your greater Presence in the world. $21.95, 10 ml roll-on application



Are you getting caught up in a situation? Feeling toxic in your body, mind, emotions or home life? Let go of negative energy, mental harassment and past and future worries so you have a clear mind, increased awareness, piqued interest and childlike curiosity to experience what is, here and now. A  fresh, cleansing blend of Juniper, Pink Grapefruit and Fennel. $14.95, 10 ml roll-on application



Are you confusing speaking at someone with speaking with someone? Are you at a loss for words? Is it time to develop your authentic voice? As you learn to more clearly express yourself you will be able to generate deeper, cleaner relationships with yourself and others. Relatedness can help with calm, truthful expression and communication, calming and balancing the emotions. Chamomile, Geranium and Clary Sage bring a softness to your communications both with yourself to unify within and outwardly to generate connections with others. $18.95, 10 ml roll-on application



Is your head in a vice grip? Have you come to accept headaches as a common occurrence? While they may be normal, they aren’t natural. And while there are many causes of headaches, this blend comes with a chart of the 3 meridians most commonly involved to help you release the blocks that may be contributing to your issues. This refreshing and uplifting blend of Juniper, Mint, Clary Sage, Lavender and citrus will cleanse and release stagnation to help you regain your thoughts and  to rebalance. Headache or not, this blend is useful to refresh and uplift your whole being. The chart shows you how to use the blend with the meridian points. $18.95, 10 ml roll-on application 



Is it difficult to access your skills and talents? Do you engage in continual mental chatter?At times we consciously seek that quiet connection within – sometimes it is easy to reach, sometimes it isn’t so easy. Connect within – ground in the here and now and at the same time open to your deeper knowing and insights. This is best used for those already on their path, as it will uncover and shed outdated beliefs, as well as lighting up your purpose. An earthy blend of Cedar, Spruce, Sandalwood, Galbanum, Frankincense, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang. $19.95, 10 ml roll-on application


 Sweet Inner Peace

Do you wish to live your life from a foundation of deep inner peace? Do you trust and accept your own knowledge to know what is right for you? The sweet spot deep within – quiet, peaceful and loving – awaits your attention and your acknowledgment that beyond all appearances, you are deeply loved for all that you are.  This warm spicy blend of Coriander, Benzoin and Ylang Ylang brings a joyful reflection to encourage a greater awareness of your own uniqueness and individuality resulting in harmony within and without. $17.95, 10 ml roll-on application



Are your fears surfacing and shaking your Trust? Are you aware of how you receive and spend your vital energy? It takes some degree of perseverance to manifest those things you most long for – sometimes more, sometimes less but staying on course with your vision, your North Star, and trusting are key components to creating those things you desire. The fresh, spicy blend of Trust will help you release your inner fears, reminding you of what helps and what hinders your energy levels so you can reach a new level of balance and trust within. $15.95, 10 ml roll-on application



Where do you source your wisdom? Are you always looking outside of yourself for the answers? While you can learn great things from others, there comes a time when you need to begin sourcing your wisdom from within. It is simply a skill that can be developed over time. Bay Laurel, Fir and Spruce will support self understanding, self reflection and the capacity to perceive and discern both the revealed and the hidden, leading you to the development of your own innate wisdom. $24.95




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